Worked out

It’s been a long minute since I have posted a workout so here is a total body workout to get things going again:

2.5-3 mile run warm up
Chest press on ball 
Fly on ball 
Push up 
—-15 reps of each 2 set
Rectus pulse crunch 4:1 on ball 
-50 reps 
Cross crunch on ball 
-15 each side 
Back extension on ball 
Side oblique crunch on ball 
-15 each side 
Sit up on mat with progressing shadow box 
—-3 lb+ weight in each hand, jab cross at the top of each sit up starting with 2„4,6,8….up to 20.
Standing Overhead tricep extension 
Simple Bicep curl
—15 reps of each 3 sets with 15 lb dumbbell
Cool down stretch the shower

It really is just incredible. Life, that is.
My brain

you’re very beautiful 


you’re very beautiful 

Turns out I don’t want more.
I want less.
Crazy is good
And we are back
// Raw Spirulina Protein Brazil Nut MiLKK ///

just whipped this little yum up as i was out the door 

what’s in me:

( toss all this in your vita-mix (or whatever you have but you should really have one or some nifty blender in this day and age))

-a small handful of raw brazil nuts

-1 scoop of Sun Warrior Raw Sprouted Brown Rice Protein (vanilla)

-1 tblsp of Bee Pollen

-1 tblsp of Raw Coconut oil

-1 tblsp of highest quality spirulina

-1 tsp cinnamon/ to taste

-pinch of himalayan and celtic salt

blend on high until super smooth and warm.

thennnnn after putting it in a cup i let some fresh frozen raspberries sink in ( like an ice cube) which lightens the flavor. 


not only do i drown in crosses i walk on them xo

not only do i drown in crosses i walk on them xo